In 1997, Björn founded an artistic company in Lede (Belgium), together with some friends.
After numerous performances with this group, Björn and Luc thought it might be a good idea to make use of stilts in the next performance, to really make it stand out more. In 2004, they, along with some team members, took some classes in stilt-walking at “Circusplaneet vzw”, and once again their act brought home the first prize.

“Mystic” had been brought to life…!

Björn and Luc continued down this road, and engaged several new members in their passion for (street) theatre.

This was the beginning of “Coper Animatie”…! 

Since 2005, Coper Animatie participated in loads of events, street fairs, receptions etc., for which we kindly refer you to the section “References”.

In May 2008 the decision was made to switch fully to theater compagny.

“Theater Coper” was born…!

Today the team consists of various creative members, each and every one of them with their own specialties. More details can be found in the section “Members”.

And obviously this creativity is shown in the large number of acts that Theater Coper offers since its start up.

From the moment an act premieres, the storyline for the next act is being drafted.

Since 2011 Theater Coper changed to a "non-profit association".

In September 2011, Björn began with training as Aerial Silk aerialist and trapeze in Circusplaneet in Ghent.

His arts were explored during Dumbodays 2012 in Ghent.

Thus, he was taught by:

  • Esther van Gorp (Netherlands) canvas and trapeze
  • Maddy Hardwick (England) trapeze
  • Manuel Martinez (Chile) canvas
  • Juliana Neves (Brasil) known from the show "Dralion" by Cirque de soleil.