Le monde de Quilonia

We’ve already met the Gwipaz and the Gwimilios. When taking a closer look at a Gwimilio’s personality, one always finds the accompanying Truegillio. These are the guardians of the Gwimilio’s good and evil side.

There’s the ‘good side’, called the True, and then there’s the ‘evil side’, referred to as the Gillio. One could compare it a little bit with our own good and bad sides...

In certain situations, the True takes the upper hand, though this delicate balance can easily shift towards the Gillio... And that’s not the preferred way of handling things, since we all know that in Quilonia everyone is quite fond of peace and calmness. The remarkable thing about the Truegillios, is that one can actually see them walking side by side the Gwimilios. It’s as if the good and evil are constantly guiding them.

Even the Monarchs of Quilonia have such a Truegillio. And obviously it’s not always easy for the King to have the True guide him, for the Gillio constantly tries to lure him into the temptations of victory and greed... Thank goodness there’s always the True to bring the King back on the right path.

This often leads to hilarious situations as well as ice-cold, frozen quietness. Get carried away in the wondrous world of the Truegillios, but be sure to always listen to the True, and not to succumb to the power of the icy, motionless Gillio.